What does your phone say about you (according to stats)?

What Does Your Phone Say About You? PacCodes.Net

What does your phone say about you? According to studies, Android owners are good cooks, BlackBerry owners make more calls and iPhone users are… vain?

TalkTalk Mobile commissioned a survey of 2,000 mobile phone users who own one of the three major smartphone brands (i.e. iPhone, Blackberry and Android) to see if, and how a persons choice of handset could provide insights into their personality. The survey didn’t just look at people’s habits but also their salary, personality traits and the type of industry they worked in. The results are insightful, funny and you might recognize yourself in the findings?

iPhone Owners

Let’s start with iPhone users. iPhone users are very image conscious and would generally be the type of user that rates themselves to be more attractive than the owners of other handsets. These are the sort of people who take longer to get ready, spend longer looking in front of the mirror and are generally more vain. They spend more money on grooming and clothes. On the plus side iPhone users are the most ambitious of all the phone users, creative and very well travelled. They are also more likely to work in retail, education, publishing and in the media.

iPhone Users Are Vain - Selfie

They would rate themselves as ‘bright and flirty’. The most active on social media and consider themselves to be the most valued by their employers.

BlackBerry Owners

BlackBerry owners on average tend to earn more money than Android and iPhone users. This might be because BlackBerry owners are likely to be business professionals. The TalkTalk research found that BlackBerry users tend to be busier, send more emails, text messages and generally make more calls than their Apple counterparts. £27,406 is the average salary of the BlackBerry owner, which is almost two and a half thousand pounds more than what the other smartphone users earn in a year.

Blackberry Owners Are The Richest

In fact, BlackBerry users seem to come out very well from this study because aside from earning the most they also appear to be more sociable, have more friends and long-term relationships. Perhaps this has got something to do with the fact that they tend to work in property, health and finance. They consider themselves to be bubbly and loud, drink more tea and coffee each day than other phone users. Although BlackBerry uses were found to be the least punctual and put in the least amount hours at work they are also the most active phone users. The average BlackBerry owner makes more calls and sends more texts than iPhone and Android users.

Android Owners

Last but by no means least are Android users. According to the TalkTalk research, Android users are the most polite, have the best manners and tend to be good in the kitchen i.e. better chefs. On the downside, Android owners were also found to be the ones who watch far more Television and consume more alcohol in an average week.

Alcohol Meme

The typical Android user is an engineer, a public sector worker or employed in the environmental services. They tend to be more shy and relaxed than their iPhone and Blackberry counterparts.



Believe they are the most attractive.

Most ambitious.

Most successful.


Hard working

Believe their boss rates them highly.


Industry: Media, education and publishing

The most likely to work late.

Very active on social media.

Spend the most time on grooming and clothes.


Characteristics: Confident, ambitious, daring, bright, flirty.


Most creative.

Best cooks.

Most polite.

Drink the most

Work the longest hours Watch the most TV


Industries: Engineering and public sector


Characteristics: Quiet, introvert, calm, relaxed.








Earn the highest salary

Make the most calls and send the most texts

More likely to be in a long term relationship

The biggest coffee and tea drinkers

Have the most friends

The least punctual

Put in the least hours at work


Industries: Finance, property and health


Characteristics: bubbly, loud.




A director at TalkTalk, Dan Meader, says, “Many of us have our mobile phones on us almost constantly so they do become an extension of us in many ways. ‘It’s interesting to see then how the choice in handset may reflect different aspects of personality and the results do reveal some quirky differences. ‘Once you see yourself as a certain type of phone user, it can become a huge part of the way you live your life and people tend to subscribe to the one they feel suits them best.”

Talk Talk Mobile Phone Users Characteristics


Of course, no one is suggesting that simply owning a certain type of mobile phone means your way of living or personality will immediately change, but these results suggests that certain personality types are drawn to certain handsets.

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