This Has To Be The Weirdest Money Saving Fashion Trend Ever

This Has To Be The Weirdest Money Saving Fashion Trend Ever

This Has To Be The Weirdest Money Saving Fashion Trend Ever

This is a fashion trend that may not catch on, or at least I hope not. Teenagers in Taiwan started a new social media craze that involves wearing nothing but a plastic shopping bag, taking selfies with them and then posting the resulting picture online. This incredibly affordable look is as chic as it is adaptable – all you have to do is slip your arms through the plastic handles and off you go! The trend has gone viral in Asia and the risque new fashion statement, yet money saving couture has been popular amongts both men and women alike.

It seems the 7-Eleven is a particularly sought after brand of plastic bag as this is the brand that is mostly worn in the pictures. Part of this phenomena is to also wear absolutely nothing underneath the bag which sometimes means there is very little left to the imagination, especially as most plastic bags are semi-transparent.

7-11 Shopping Bag Fashion Taiwan
People strip naked and post pictures of themselves in nothing but a plastic bag, as part of a social media sensation in Taiwan

On a serious note, the trend might also be making a more poignant statement about how we might be overlooking what has to be the cheapest clothing option available to us even thought we interact with a plastic shopping almost every day and take one home with us on almost every shopping trip.


Asia Wearing Plastic Bag Trend
The almost naked trendsetters make a big fashion statement by displaying the green 7-Eleven logo across their chests with pride.

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Shopping Bag Fashion

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I would love to hear your thoughts…

Do you think this trend could catch on in the UK? Would you ever wear a plastic shopping bag, take a picture and post it on social media for a laugh or just to see what it looks like…? You never know you might actually like it and it will certainly save you a fortune in the money you normally spend on clothes.

Please share your experiences and / or comments below.

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