The Weirdest Ways to Break a Mobile Phone

Weirdest Ways to Break a Mobile Phone

Gazelle is an online market place where users sell and buy used mobile phones. If you think no one will buy your device because it is weirdly broken, then it’s worth taking a look at Gazelle before you throw your broken device in the bin. After receiving lots of responses to their request, Gazelle discovered that 30% of phone damage typically comes from falls or the phone being dropped, 13% comes from water damage while about 20% came under “miscellaneous reasons”. It is the stories that come under “miscellaneous reasons” that will make you laugh the hardest, don’t believe me? Read some of the best and most hilarious stories below…

I lost my phone in a sinkhole

Leigh K has one of the best stories, “While I was at a picnic, I left my phone on a table and then went for a drink but then out of nowhere, everyone started running and screaming. It turns out that a sinkhole had opened up and my phone was swallowed along with the lawn chairs.”

He ‘sleep walked’ my phone into the sink

Vicky’s story suggests that she must surely be angry with herself for marrying a man that walks in his sleep, “I went into our kitchen one night only to find my husband standing over the kitchen sink with my phone under running water from the sink’s faucet. He thought the phone was a dirty plate that needed to be washed!”

My foot and phone, it was a double tragedy…

Other stories show how the excitement of getting a new phone sometimes spells trouble for us, for instance, another anonymous person says, “I bought a brand new iPhone along with an 8-inch knife. On getting home, I set up the phone and then went to the Kitchen to prepare dinner. I was so excited then the phone rang for the first time that I dropped the knife. Unfortunately, the knife’s edge landed squarely in my foot, piercing through it and pinning it to the floor. As I struggled to reach for my phone, I ended up knocking it into the sink. Fortunately, I was able to make one call to the emergency services before the phone finally died. In one day, I lost my phone and had to have 12 stitches in my foot.”

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My phone ruined the roller coaster or was it the other way around?

David P shares his story that is both amusing as it is scary, “I may have dropped my phone into the internal part of a roller coaster. We ended up getting stuck for a long period of time under the fury of the sun. The rollercoaster was shut down for many months after that.”

The bear ate my phone

Gerald S’s story shows that an iPhone may or may not be a good way to fend off angry animals, “I was taking photographs of a site while I worked as a civil engineer. While working, I heard a loud sound behind me. As I turned around, I discovered to my horror that it was a big black bear. I hauled my iPhone at what must have been a mother bear and raced back to my stationed truck to take cover. When I had enough courage to peer through the truck’s window, I discovered that the bear cubs had taken my phone along with them.”

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Butter in the keypads

Philips warns us that selfies can be a dangerous thing, “I bought deep fried butter when I visited Wisconsin. As I tried taking a selfie with my BlackBerry Bold, I sank my teeth into the deep fried butter and the next thing I noticed, my phone being covered in butter. The butter penetrated into every crevice of the phone. The phone still worked for almost a week afterwards but it leaked butter every single time I pressed any key on the keyboard. Sadly, the phone finally packed up when the butter made the trackball unusable.”

Even though this stories are funny, they should also serve as a warning and highlight things that you should be more careful with or avoid altogether. The world is a dangerous place for mobile phones so be careful out there!

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