The Weirdest Places To Lose A Mobile Phone

The Weirdest Places To Lose A Mobile Phone

The Weirdest Places To Lose A Mobile Phone

One of the most famous cases of a lost phone is the story of the iPhone prototype that was lost at a bar, found by journalists and set the internet alight. However, there are many more stranger places that people have misplaced their phones and here are just a few of my favourites.

1. In Someone’s Rectum…?

Yes, you read it right, many people have (mis)placed their phone in someones rectum and it’s actually a lot more common than you might think. For instance, many prisoners in death row have been caught trying to hide mobile phones in their rectum and in one case, a prisoner had to undergo extensive surgery after the mobile phone he was hiding broke inside his body.

Phone in someone's rectum


2. In Food

Emma Schweiger comes from a Janesville Township in Wisconsin, US. One day Emma opened up a bag of Clancy’s Ripple Potato Chips and started eating as she probably did on a regular occasion. Now Emma wasn’t looking at what was inside the bag but when she reached into it, she felt something hard. Perplexed by this she pulled out the weird item only to find that it was in fact a mobile phone. Specifically,  it was a blue and silver Nokia phone that even contained its very own working T-Mobile SIM card inside and not to mention questionable grease stains on the outside. See the potato chips were actually distributed by Aldi, who immediatly took back the product and said they would “investigate” the issue. Ms Schweiger was also offered a replacement bag of chips as compensation for the “distress” the incident may have caused. However, she declined the offer citing that she’d (understandably) lost her appetite for potato crisps she also added that in the future, when she recovers her appetite for crisps she will pour it out in a bowl to stop her from putting anything other than crisps in her mouth.

3. Inside a Fish

Mobile Phone Found In Large Cod Fish

One day, Andrew Cheatle was walking his dog on a beach in the UK and his mobile phone inadvertenly slipped out of his pocket without him knowing. When he realised this had happened, he resigned himself to the fact that he would never see the phone, however a week later someone called his girlfriends phone number from his apparently lost phone. What had happened? Well, Glen Kerley of Worthing, West Sussex, had been fishing and caught a 25-pound cod only to find there was a mobile phone inside the large fish! He took out the SIM card and put it into a dry working phone. Even though it didn’t work perfectly, he was still able to make a call and get the phone back to its rightful owner.



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4. Inside a Dog

Nero is a crossbreed Great Dane-Doberman so quite a large dog and comes from Pretoria, South Africa. He took the mobile phone from his owner’s daughter’s and swallowed it before she could it it back. The dog was immediately rushed to the vet. After a undergoing an X-ray and then surgery the phone was removed and the vets also found stones in his stomach as well. Nero recovered but the mobile phone never ever worked again.

Phone Lost In Dog, Nero From South Africa

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