The Most Dangerous WhatsApp Scam You MUST Know About!

The Most Dangerous WhatsApp Scam You Need To Know About

The Most Dangerous WhatsApp Scam You MUST Know About!

Whatsapp is one of the most downloaded and used apps in the world with an estimated 1 billion users so it’s of no surprise that fraudsters have targeted its users. The new Whatsapp scam works by inviting users to upgrade to a premium version called Whatsapp ‘gold’. The text message or pop up on your screen will claim that this ‘gold’ service is used by top celebrities and has elite features like video calling, the ability to send multiple pictures at the same time etc. Many Whatsapp users have reported receiving the so called “exclusive” offer via their messenger app.

But sadly it does not exist. The link to download this “premium” service is in fact a link that downloads dangerous malware on  to your phone. Once downloaded then fraudsters have access to all the sensitive information on your mobile phone. This information may then be used to obtain your financial data, commit identity theft and/or be sold on to other criminals.

The easiest ways to Spot That it’s a Scam?

  • Poor spelling, grammar, syntax e.g. floating commas and necessary capitalisation.
  • It does not come directly from WhatsApp i.e. an in-app message and you need to go to an external site to download.WhatsApp Gold Scam

Already Fallen Victim?

  • If you have already fallen victim to this invite, make sure you delete the ‘upgrade’ app immediately. Uninstall the program, run a virus check and change all your passwords. You may also want to consider handing any information over to WhatsApp in order to help them combat this issue.
  • If this has happened to you and you have lost out financially then contact Action Fraud as well as the financial institutions involved as soon as possible.

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