The Most Dangerous Selfie Fails Ever

The Most Dangerous Selfie Fails Ever

The Most Dangerous Selfie Fails Ever

Selfies. We all do it and most of the time they are easy, fun and harmless enough to take. New technology means that pretty much every single phone comes with its own camera, so the temptation is always there when you want to capture a special moment forever, just turn your camera around, strike a pose and shoot. Now you have an enduring record of yourself in that memorable moment till the end of time.

However, with its apparent ease and the need to always feed the beast that is social media, people are finding themselves taking bigger and bigger risks to get that all important snap. Taking your attention off your own personal safety to get that incredible yet sometimes deadly moment means that events can quickly unfold to become dangerous. In fact, there are many records of serious injuries and even deaths each year of people who risked their lives to take selfies. During that moment of inattention, so many things can (and sometimes do) go very wrong.
There are numerous stories of drivers who take the attention off the road for a brief moment to pose for a snap or people posing in front of a wild animal forgetting that this means they could be only seconds away from a life and death situation. There also those selfie seekers who actively look out for an extreme setting as the backdrop for their photos as you will see in the examples below.

Sadly, the selfie fails shown in this article are so widespread and readily available from so many online Internet sources that it is virtually impossible to properly credit the original photographers. However, if you see your photo or video here then please do get in touch with me so that I can give you full credit and I’m always more than happy to do so :)

Here are 13 dangerous selfie fails from around the world and they show some of the scariest moments and capture some of the most  heart-pounding close calls and extreme dangers.

(Warning: Please for the love of God, do not attempt to re-create any of these shots or do anything similar!)

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Do you take selfies at any time even if it’s dangerous or a little risky? Do you believe that a good selfie that goes viral is worth it? Given what some might consider to be impressive results, do you sometimes think it is worth photographers’ risking (deliberately or otherwise) their lives to get these “perfect”, memorable snaps?  
Please share your experiences and / or comments below.

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