The Creepiest Mobile Phone Ever?

Surely, The Creepiest Phone Ever? PacCodes.Net

 Surely, This Has To Be The Creepiest Mobile Phone Ever?

This story comes from the work carried out by a small number of scientists based in Japan who have designed a doll-like mobile phone i.e. a mobile phone shaped in a human form. The result of this is that it looks like a doll you would expect a child to play with. Except it is not a doll, or even a toy for that matter, it is an actual mobile phone that you can make and receive calls from. Why did they do this? Well they say it was designed in this way to help you feel more connected to the person on the other end of the phone, perhaps in some way remind you that the voice you are hearing is attached to an actual human body. Now you might be thinking this is a a joke but it’s not, I promise!

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This “doll phone” was designed by researcher Takashi Minato along with a sub group of other scientists. The phone is shaped like an actual person and it’s covering is supposed to mimic the texture of human skin. The soft skin like texture is a crucial part of the design because the phone is intended to make you feel more connected to the person you are on the phone with and the tactile feeling of the phone is supposed to add to this.

The phone is designed to be slightly larger than the average size of a palm. It’s primary objective (i.e. to look like a human being) means that it has a soft skin like case that cools and heats just like skin normally does. The phone’s speaker is located in the “dolls head” and a microphone is at the bottom of the object, or “at the bottom of its legs”. Aside from all these human-like features, the phone also has a light-emitting diode and this is to help the user know whether the phone is in use or not, so it turns red when the phone is in stand-by mode and blue when the phone is being used. Minato and his team aim to also add voice and image recognition to its list of attributes.

Japan is a country recognised for making advances in technology and the bullet train is a prime example of this. In fact, many would consider Japan to be a country at the forefront of technological development and research but such advances combined with a unique culture can sometimes result in a creepy outcome such as this phone.


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Some might consider it to be fortunate that the phone is still only in the prototype phase but believe it or not, this creepy-looking mobile phone has been endorsed by Japanese smartphone operator NTT DoCoMo who refer to it as a “revolutionary telecom medium”. The Japanese tech giant also have plans to start production and possibly add it to their product line in the near future.

I know what you’re thinking, were are the keys, screen and buttons?

And the answer is I have no idea, this information has not been divulged and it’s impossible to tell how it would work just by looking at it. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed that these more “usable” features are added before it actually goes into production. It is after all still just a prototype.


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