Surprising Discounts You Probably Don’t Know About

Surprising Discounts You Probably Don't Know About

Surprising Discounts You Probably Don’t Know About

First things first, this article isn’t just for students because anyone can get a student card (even if you’re not studying full time). Read my step by step guide to get your very own NUS (National Union of Students) extra card here and it’s 100% legal. Once you have / know how to get access to a student card a whole world of discounts opens up to you.
Now everyone knows that being a student means that you can get access to loads of discounts but there are some discounts that might surprise you. Of course, you will get money off cinema tickets, clothes, some restaurants and so on. However, there are some discounts that might surprise you and here is a list of some of my favourites.

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Free food at McDonalds

Yes, that’s right. McDonalds is already pretty affordable but I bet you didn’t know that being a student gets you a FREE Cheeseburger, McFlurry Original or Mayo Chicken with the purchase of a Wrap Meal or Extra Value Meal.


Having possession of an NUS Extra card can get you 5% off products in certain Amazon categories.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime gives you access to free next day delivery and a bunch of other goodies. It normally costs £79 / year but is FREE for 6 months for students and then 50% off after that initial 6 month period.

Gym membership

Most people don’t know that many gyms offer various different types of student discounts. For instance, The Gym Group currently waive their usual sign up fees if you are able to present a valid NUS card.


Get up to £20 off your first Uber journey if you’re a student. If you don’t have a student card and still want to have a free ride click here.


NUS Extra card holders are entitled to 10% discount on their groceries at selected Co-Op supermarket stores. The best thing is that you can even get the discount when paying through the self-checkout machines.


STA is a travel company that specialises in student travel and if you have an NUS extra then you can also get £30 off your STA Travel Holiday as well as on selected products such as STA Travel & Tours Insurance and Travel Accommodation.


Who doesn’t love doughnuts? Well it turns out that Krispy Kreme offer NUS card holders a 20% off discount.

Car rental

With code SIXTE011 you can get a 10% off discount Sixt Car Rental if you are a student.

> > > > > > >  Read: How to Legally Get An NUS Extra Card Even If You’re Not a Student


It might surprise you to note that all the major pizza places like Pizza Express, Dominos and Pizza Hut offer various discounts and offers for students.

Apple products

Apple offers various discounts if you are buying for educational purposes and ‘education’ discounts are available to  university students, people accepted onto a university course and it is sometimes possible to present your NUS card at the Apple store.

Driving lessons

You can also get money off driving lessons with your NUS Extra Card with all the big names including AA, BSM and Red.

Car insurance

Most new drivers have a tough time getting a reasonably priced car insurance premium but Endsleigh offer discounts for NUS Extra card holders.


‘Student Universe’ specialises in student flights and offers cheaper flights for students, plus NUS Extra card holders get a further discount.

Get even more with free competitions

The NUS Extra website holds regular competitions and card holders can enter to win lots of top prizes.

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