Who Has More Sex? Android? iPhone? Blackberry?

Who Has More Sex? Android? iPhone? Blackberry?

Let’s face it guys and yes, I’m talking specifically to men here who tend to buy swanky, high spec gadgets to impress members of the opposite sex. The hope is that these little awesome devices will make us appear sexier. This belief has been deemed to be both delusional and misguided but research from online dating site, OK cupid shows that this belief might not be as delusional as you might think.

Yes, Your Choice Of Camera CAN Make You Sexier
OK Cupid conducted a survey by analysing around 552,000 pictures on their site and the research study concluded that using a DSLR makes you look more attractive. If you are surprised that a specific device can make you look more attractive then you will be even more surprised to learn that different brands of cameras also have an impact on your physical appeal as represented in your photos. It turns out that Panasonic cameras make people look more attractive than a Nikon branded camera. Also, avoid using flash! Why? because the study shows it will make you look older by 7 years!! If you do wan to look hotter then make the camera lens aperture wider as this will make you look more appealing.

Which Phone Users Have More Sex?

According to research conducted by OK Cupid, iPhone users have more sex than their Android and BlackBerry counterparts. The average male iPhone user has 10 sexual partners by the age of 30 and the average female iPhone user of the same age has had 12 partners. Meanwhile Android users have about half of that at 6 sexual partners in the same time frame and BlackBerry owners 8.

See graph below for full breakdown.

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Which Cameras Will Help You Score on Online Dating?

OK Cupid is famous for their extensive research, analysis and testing and they have been observing the behaviour of the site’s millions of online users for many years and this has produced some interesting insights. For instance, did you know that a persons political preference changes as they get older? Also, it turns out that men can improve their chances of getting a date if they are willing to date an older woman.

However, the most intriguing dataset is their insights into cameras, this particularly intrigues gadget heads like myself. It turns out that the Panasonic Micro 4/3 camera makes you look more attractive in your online profile picture than if you were to use a Canon DSLR but using a Canon DSLR is better than a Sony or Nikon DSLR. And forget about using the camera on your smartphone because they are by far the worse at making you look attractive, sadly Motorola branded phones are the absolute worst according to the research.

But it doesn’t just stop there, the specific type of camera (e.g. DSLR, point and shoot, camera phone etc.) you use and your choice of lens also makes a significant difference. For instance, there is a dramatic difference to the way a person looks if they are photographed using the camera on a smartphone or a DSLR. This makes sense given what I have already said about how the size of the lens affects the apparent attractiveness of it’s subject. If buying a £800 DSLR and all the fancy lenses is out of your reach why not get a cheaper (yet high quality) clip-on lens for your camera phone. The best one that I have used so far is called “Olloclip”, you can buy it here from Amazon and see my blog about it here.

However, if you do want an excuse to buy a mega quality DSLR camera then this research conducted by OK Cupid might just be the excuse you need.

As for switching your mobile phone choice from iPhone to BlackBerry or Android? Well, I’ll leave that up to you. Unlike what I’ve learned about pictures, it is difficult to determine whether owning an iPhone is the cause or effect of having so much more sex.

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