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What Do We Need?

We are looking for writers.

We need people who love to write. Weather you’re a professional blogger, occasional writer or just someone who likes sharing interesting ideas.

Requirements :-

  • A minimum of 700 words.
  • They must be on the topic of saving money, electronics, gadgets, mobile phones, electronic product reviews, getting discounts online etc. Click here to see the type of topics that are acceptable.
  • They must be interesting, engaging, with good grammar and good spelling.
  • 100% original, not posted anywhere else and must pass a copyscape test.
  • Suitable for a UK audience… Think “mobile phone” not “cell”, £ not $ and products that are available in the UK.

What Will You Get?

In your article you can add up to 2 personal links that can be:-

  • Personal / commercial affiliate links. Put a link to a relevant product or service so when people buy again and again, you get paid again and again.
  • A link to your personal website (so long as it’s not something illegal, pornography, gambling, payday loans etc.)
  • A link to your social media accounts so you can get more followers on Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr etc.
  • Or simply use it as part of your professional writing portfolio that you can showcase to get other writing work.

Your article will benefit from the exposure and general traffic produced by this site and we will also heavily promote your article on our social media accounts.


How Do I Get Paid Every Month For Life?*

This is based on you providing your own affiliate links e.g. from Amazon associates. We will host your blog article for FREE on and the third party affiliate site e.g. Amazon, pays out every month when there is a sale and  you’ve reached their payout threshold.


Want to Make Even More?

  • Promote your blog post on your social media accounts, get your friends and family to read it – the more people that read it, the more clicks your links will get and the more you can earn.
  • Write more blogs for us! The more blogs you write, the more chances you will get to promote your own affiliate links, personal website or gain social media followers.


What Next?

Complete the following form but note that we ONLY reply to those who fill in the form with all the requested information.

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We look forward to hearing from you and if all goes well then we may ask you to write for us more frequently!


Please note:- 

We may change / edit the final version slightly to improve SEO, keyword density etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any pictures, we will provide this.

We may remove / change your links if they have become dead.

We may also add affiliate links if we feel it might add value to the article.

*Published articles will stay up as long as the website is up and running, we hope this will be for the rest of your life and ours :)