Keep My Mobile Number

Get Your PAC Code From…

Mobile Network Alternative Numbers (sayNO to 0870 & 0845!)

Call your current mobile network and ask them to send your PAC, the following numbers below are free from your mobile phone if you are with the corresponding network.

Network PAYG Contract
EE 150 150
T-Mobile 150 150
O2 4445 202
Vodafone 191 191
Three 333 333
Asda Mobile 2732 N/A
Lyca Mobile 322 N/A

Free Phone Numbers

Please note that numbers which start with 0808 and 0800 are free from landlines.

Network Alternative Free / Local Number What To Do
Vodafone 0808 094 5945** This is a direct line to the dedicated PAC department
O2 0800 028 8151 Ask for “Retentions”
EE 0800 079 7777 This number is the direct line to their dedicated “PAC” department
T-Mobile 0800 956 5000 Select Option 2, then ask for “Retentions”
3 0800 358 6796 Ask for your PAC
Tesco Mobile 0800 433 4990 Ask for Customer Services and then ask to be put through to “Retentions”
Asda Mobile 0800 952 0101 Choose Option 1, then 3, then 4, then 1
Virgin Mobile 0808 100 8282 Ask for Customer Services
Talk Mobile 0800 049 4401 Ask for Customer Services
Lyca Talk 0800 652 7566 Ask for “Retentions”
Lyca Mobile 020 7132 0322 Ask for your PAC
Lebara Mobile 020 7031 0791 Ask for your PAC
Vectone Mobile 020 7179 0134 Ask for your PAC
Family Mobile 0800 112 4350 Ask for your PAC
iCard Mobile 020 7870 5722 Ask for your PAC

**You can also dial Vodafone on 03333 040101 using inclusive minutes.


  • How long will the Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) be valid for?

Your PAC code will be valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

  • PAC Code Transfer Time?

Your PAC will will arrive in under 2 working days by text, once you supply this to your new mobile provider they will change your number within 24 hours – usually without you needing to turn off your phone.

  • How do I change my mobile provider?

Start by looking at all the available mobile phone packages / contracts / handsets that offer you the best value of money for your level of phone usage.

  • How can I keep the same mobile phone number when I switch network providers?

You have the legal right to take your mobile number with you when you move a new mobile phone provider and this is often called “mobile number portability” and it is very easy to do. If this is something that you would to do then ask your existing provider to give you a Porting Authorisation Code (also called PAC  code). Once you receive this then give this to your new mobile phone provider and they will transfer the number to your new mobile phone account.

  • Why are some mobile phones ‘locked’?

A new mobile phone might be ‘locked’ to a specific network provider that provided you with the phone handset (especially if you buy it under contract). This means the handset will only work if you use it with the same network provider that gave you the phone. If you later decide to go with another provider but still want to keep the handset then you need to get the phone “unlocked”.This scenario is also applicable if you decide to use the phone handset with a SIM bought locally when you travel abroad on holiday etc. so that you can avoid expensive roaming charges and fees. If you want to find out whether your mobile phone handset is locked then simply call and ask your current mobile network provider and they will tell you OR put in a new SIM card from a different network and if it doesn’t work then it most likely means your phone is locked – you will get a message informing you of a problem with the sim/network and you will also notice that you can’t make calls or send and receive texts.If you want to get your phone unlocked then instruct your mobile phone provider do this for you. There may be a charge for this service.

  • Can a mobile network say “no” to my PAC request?

Every mobile network provider is legally obligated to provide you with your PAC code upon request – in under normal circumstances. However, below are a number of legitimate reasons that a provider can use to refuse doing so:

  • the death of the account holder.
  • the number does not actually belong to the customer.
  • the mobile account linked to the old number has already been closed.
  • a PAC has been issued within the last 30 days and can still be used.
  • the person requesting the PAC code can not prove that they legitimately and rightfully own the account.

Your mobile phone network provider can never refuse to provide you a PAC code even if your mobile account has any outstanding fees or charges. If this is your situation then the charges will typically be included in your final phone bill and payment due after you have moved to a different provider and your number ported.