Are iPhone Users Smarter than Android?

Are iPhone Users Smarter than Android?

In a study carried out by an American-based advertising group, a strong connection was established between being university educated and owning an iPhone or in other words, the study concluded that iPhone users are more educated than the users of other smartphones. So how exactly did Chitika (the company that organised the study), come to this conclusion? Their research involved mapping some states in the US using iPhone sales. They found that states like Vermont and Alaska that have a large population of university graduates also had a higher number of iPhone users than states like Iowa, Delaware, and New Mexico which have a lower number of college graduates.

Are iPhone Users Smarter than Android?

However, I have some reservations about the study carried out by Chitika because it is possible that the outcome of their survey could have been due to the  iPhone’s popularity in the US. iPhone has a 42% market share of smartphone sales in the US (although Google’s Android are the biggest selling globally) and perhaps the graduate demographic are generally more inclined to buy the iPhone not because they are “smarter” but because Apple market to them heavily? So one could argue that it is only natural that people in the graduate demographic are the most likely to buy the latest handset and since the iPhone is generally more popular in the US, it is to be expected that they are more likely to go for an iPhone when buying a new smartphone.

I wish I could end this topic here but the plot thickens when the link between phone choice and intelligence is given more credibility by research carried out in the UK…

Ladbrokes tried to determine a person’s intelligence by making them perform online brainteasers and then categorising the results by which brand of smartphone the respondent used. The brainteaser itself was designed to test the speed of mental dexterity and surprisingly, or maybe not, iPhone users came out on top as seen from the results below:

  • iPhone owners took 94 seconds to finish the test.
  • Google Nexus owners took 99 seconds.
  • Samsung owners – 103 seconds.
  • HTC owners took 105 seconds.
  • Nokia owners used 109 seconds.

It took 118 seconds for Blackberry owners to complete the brainteaser as they turned out to be slower than every other smartphone user on the test.

Now if you’re an Android or Blackberry phone owners who are starting to feel angry with this article so far be consoled by the results of a TalkTalk Mobile study conducted in 2013, originally discussed in my post here and it’s guaranteed to put a smile to your face. The study involved about 2000 smartphone users and it sought to understand the correlation between personality and phone choice. The result of the study shows that iPhone users are the most vain when compared to users of other smartphones. Even though they are generally more ambitious and well-travelled, they typically spend more time in front of the mirror  and are more likely to spend more money on grooming products and clothes than other smartphone users.

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The TalkTalk Mobile study goes on to conclude that Android owners are more inclined to be involved in arts, culture, and sports. They tend to be more creative, calm, and shy while Blackberry users are the most sociable, have more friends than other smartphone users, and are the likeliest to be a part of a long term relationship. The average Android owner also came out tops when qualities such as good manners and politeness were measured. The result shows Blackberry owners work more in the fields of finance, health, and property and think of themselves as being bubbly. They normally send more texts and emails than users of iPhones and Android phones.

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