How to Hack Amazon for 75-99% Discounts

How to Hack Amazon for 75-99% Discounts

Amazon has lots of hidden secrets and one of my favourites is a way to find discounts of between 75-99% off in a way that is 100% legal and I guarantee will not get you into any trouble. I promise. Now it is a little confusing and might need you to be a little technically savvy but if you do have any problems please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

So here is the step to step guide to how you find 75%-99% discounts on

  • Click on the section / category of item that you want to buy, for instance, books.


  • Now take a look at the URL for the number following the words “node=” and copy it. As example, the number following the “node=” in the URL for books, this is “266239”.


  • Now paste the URL below into your browser bur replace the word “number” with the ‘node’ number you received from the step above:


  • The page that loads will display all items with a 75-99% discount in that category . You can play with around the discount range by changing the numbers 75 and 99.

If you find this confusing or are having problems then check below for some links I’ve prepared earlier. Clicking on any of the links below will take you straight to the 75% – 99% discounts in that section:



DVD & Blu-ray

Musical Instruments & DJ Equipment

Large Appliances

Apps & Games

Home & Garden

Car & Motorbike

Health & Personal Care

How To Get Free Delivery on Amazon

Finding all these cheap deals might mean that you will not be able to reach the threshold for free delivery because you are 1p short. Amazon used to give you free delivery if you spent £10 however, this has recently increased to a £20 spend to qualify for free livery if you buy direct from Amazon (not an unrelated seller using the Amazon platform). However, some purchases bought from third parties that use Amazon’s Marketplace might count towards the £20 free delivery quota and if this is the case it will say, “fulfilled by Amazon”.

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This can be very annoying when you have £19.99 in your basket but still don’t qualify for free delivery. If you are in the situation try this clever new  Super Saver Delivery tool, which helps you find cheap items to fill up your basket so you can qualify for free delivery without having to pay extortionate delivery fees. If you do the maths, you will see that the delivery fees can be a rip-off but because the delivery is generally around £4.99 then it’s only worth using the tool if you are spending £15.01-£19.99.

Also, see how you can avoid delivery charges altogether by using Amazon Prime, sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of this page to see how you can get 6 months for free (or at a highly reduced rate).

Beat Delivery Charges With a Free Prime Trial (Get the Newsletter for a possible Free 6-Month Trial)

The best way to hack the delivery charges is to get Amazon Prime because this will allow you quality for free next day delivery on all (or at least most) purchases that come direct from Amazon. I have found a way to hack Amazon prime (yes, it’s a little fiddly) but 100% legal and could get you 6 months Amazon Prime for FREE, sign up the newsletter to get this money saving trick and many more like it.

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