16 MUST SEE Life Hacks [You’ll Never Eat Ice-Cream The Same Way Again!]

How Have You Lived Without These Ingenious Life Hacks

How Have You Lived Without These Ingenious Life Hacks?!

We all encounter a bunch of annoying pesky little obstacles that sometimes make life difficult – the kettle always boiling over, your zipper constantly getting stuck or ice cream melting too quickly and spoiling your enjoyment of the delicious dessert (not to mention your clothes). Yes, these are silly first world problems and somewhat trivial but why have them if you can find ways to avoid these problems. Luckily, the online world is full of tricks, life hacks and tips that can help!

Sadly, the life hacks shown in this post are so wide spread that it is impossible to credit all the original authors. However, if you see your life hack here then please do let me know and I will be more than happy to credit your work.

Now are you ready for some amazing life hacks that are easy to do, no / low cost and makes your life infinitely more enjoyable? You’re in luck. I have spent many hours collecting 16 of the most awesome and most practical life hacks any where on the Internet. It is easy to digest and copy because the list is made up of pictures! By making small changes, it is possible to make your life so much more joyful. Enjoy!

The Most Useful Tennis Ball

This Makes So Much Sense!

Always looking for your keys? A pen to write with? Need a place to store all your post? This life hack shows a clever way to deal with this. All you need is a few DIY skills and you're good to go. The best thing about this is that it also looks aesthetically pleasing and remember you can use more than 1 if needed!

  • Cute
  • Handy
  • Great For Kids

Home Made iPhone Speaker

I tried this and it 100% works!

All you need are some empty cups, the left over bulb from the kitchen roll, some craft skills, a bit of imagination and some patience.

Bra Paper Clip Hack

One for the ladies

A very clever way to hide unsightly bra straps without spending a small fortune on expensive strapless bras that might not work as well.

Stop Your iPhone Charger From Breaking

In 4 easy steps...

This is breathtakingly simple and so effective. It will save you so much money (not to mention heartache when your charger stops working and your phone battery dies).

Use a Post-It To Catch Drill Dust

Stop Unnecessary DIY Mess!

Take a post-it note, bend and use it as a way to catch dust from any DIY drilling. This is is so simple, it's genius.

Power Scrub Using a Sponge and Drill

Become Mr Muscle

This is the perfect way to deal with dried on / hard to remove stains, limescale and grime. You will cut your cleaning time and find it so easy to do.. no more elbow grease. I only wish I had known about this years ago...

Don't Ask Why Just Do It!

I tried this within 24 hours of seeing this life hack...

Oh. My God. The picture alone makes you salivate. Slice your favourite ice-cream into a small sliver and sandwich in between your favourite biscuits. Delicious.

iPhone Speaker

It's amazing what you can do with left over toilet roll.

This actually works as the sound is amplified in the space created by the tube.

Easy Slice Onion

Easy Slice Onion

Note that this works on hard boiled eggs as well as a loaf of bread!

Oreo Cookie Hack..

...With No Splash Back

Hold Oreo with a fork so your fingers don't get messy when dunking them.

No More Paint Slips and Drips....

With a single large rubber band

Use paper clips to organise your cables

Tidy up those unsightly cables with paper clips

Make the perfect fried egg

Use a large slice of onion to create the perfect spherical template

You will not only get a perfect looking egg but also benefit from a hint of onion in the taste as well!

Life Hack: Perfect Corn on the Cob -- no silk, no husk!

Corn on the cob made easy.

Microwave, cut off the top, squeeze and enjoy :).

The Sweetest Smelling Loo Roll

Because air fresheners are an absolute disaster for your health

Fill your bathroom with an everlasting, fresh aroma. Simply place a few drops of an essential oil (like lemongrass scent) onto the cardboard tube of your toilet paper roll - your bathroom will smell amazing until the roll is finished, then repeat the process.

Lego Man Holder

Use your lego man to hold unused cables

Tidy up unsightly cables with a cute little lego man. The picture shows how you can take something that is normally annoying and unattractive and turn it into something that is lots of fun.

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