Guy Refuses to Snitch On Self Checkout Machine

Guy Refuses to Snitch On Self-Checkout Machine

If you’re anything like me, you hate using automated self checkout machines in the supermarket. However, one lucky 17 year old was rewarded for choosing this “machine option” over the human one. The 17 year old, called Josh bought  Jaffa Cakes and paid for it using the self service check out machine and guess what? The machine gave him more change than it was supposed to which left him with an extra 41p in his pocket meaning that he was being paid to buy the Jaffa Cakes. Not one to leave it there and quietly enjoy the extra bonus he unexpectedly acquired, Josh went home to tweet Tesco about it and the outcome is hilarious to say the least.

Josh excitedly took to Twitter to inform all of his friends, family, followers and of course, Tesco about his lucky break and here is exactly what he said:

Tesco, replied light heartedly and took his admission in good spirit with this response:

Josh, not one to let sleeping dogs lie he replied with this cheeky line.

However, Dafydd from the Tesco social media team became intrigued by this admission and wanted more details and information about which machine (and specific supermarket) had been giving away free money and replied his tweet with:

Despite Josh’s openness and willingness to share his experiences, he’s next tweet confirms that no, he ain’t no snitch!

Aside from not being a snitch (or grass as we say in the UK), he’s also smart enough to know that a machine that gives you free money is hard to find so why ruin all the fun? His Twitter account doesn’t leave many clues as to the location of the generous automated self checkout machine. If you want to try to hunt it down then note that Josh’s Twitter account bio says that he lives in Bristol, so you might want to start your search there.

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I would love to hear your thoughts…

What would you do if you were Josh and got extra money? Return it to a member of staff at the supermarket? Take it quietly and not say anything? Take it and do what Josh did i.e. go home and tweet about it? Have you ever received money from a machine that you were not entitled to? What did you do?

Please share your experiences and / or comments below.

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