How To Get Student Discounts Without Being a Student

Get An NUS Card Without Being A Student

“NUS” stands for the National Union of Students and getting a membership card called “NUS extra” will automatically entitle you to discounts in over 200 stores. Some of the best discounts you can access as an NUS card holder include:

  • 10% off Co-operative (includes alcohol and cigarettes!!)
  • 25% off student ticket prices at ODEON cinemas
  • 10% off at ASOS online
  • Up to 15% off Apple Mac’s, 4% off iPad’s and special discounted prices for AppleCare
  • 25% off at National Express
  • Free McFlurry/Cheeseburger/Chicken Mayo when you buy the McDonald’s Extra Value Meal
  • 10% off at Superdrug
  • 50% off Spotify Premium
  • 5% off at Amazon
  • 20% off Karen Millen
  • 10% off New Look

Part 1: Sign Up For An Online Course at e-Careers

You are entitled to apply for the NUS extra card by booking yourself on to a course at e-careers. You can buy a part time online course direct from their website (usually over £100) however, the best thing about e-careers is that they almost always have special offers via deal sites so you can pick up a bargain. This makes it the most cost effective way to get the NUS extra card without being a university student. Here are the type of prices you can expect to pay through Groupon buying websites:

Go Groopie – course from £15

Also be sure to check places like Living Social, Groupon  etc.

Tip 1: Make sure the course you choose is actually by e-careers.

Tip 2: Always check places like TopCashBack to see if you can also get some extra money back before buying (don’t have an account? Sign up with TopCashBack now and also get an additional FREE £5 M&S Gift Card when you sign up through this *linkENDING SOON!

TopCashback Through Groupon


There are plenty of courses to choose from so it is worth checking to see what you might actually like to study, this means that you can add something new to your CV and add a new useful skill to your current skill set. 


Part 2: Step By Step Guide to Getting Your NUS Extra Card

Step 1: Once you have bought the e-course, you will be emailed the voucher code, which you can use to redeem the course on “e-careers”

Get NUS Extra Card Redeem e-Careers Voucher

All signed up for the course? Now you can buy the NUS extra card.


Step 2: Go to and choose the option to “Buy your NUS extra card now” as shown in the picture below.

Get an NUS Cards Without Being A Student: Step 1

Step 3: Enter your email and choose the option to “Buy or renew your NUS extra card now”.

Get an NUS Cards Without Being A Student: Step 2

Step 4: In “place of study” type in ECareers.

Get an NUS Cards Without Being A Student: Step 3

Step 5: Type in the course name, details and the length of course, most e-career courses last for 1 year but make sure to double check and be sure to put in the correct details.

Get an NUS Cards Without Being A Student: Step 4

Step 6: Upload a picture for the card.

Get an NUS Cards Without Being A Student: Step 5

Step 7: Put in your details and review your order summary

Get an NUS Cards Without Being A Student: Step 6

Step 8: Choose the home delivery option since you can’t get your card sent to the institution (note that it costs an extra £1 for home delivery).

Get an NUS Cards Without Being A Student: Step 7


Once paid, you can expect to receive your brand new NUS Extra card within 7 days.


Do I have to actually study the course?

Ideally you would book a course that you actually want to do (seeing as you’re paying for it) however, if you find that the course is not for you then you don’t have to use it. Don’t worry, e-Careers will not send you letters for poor attendance or revoke your ‘studentship’ if you don’t complete the course.

e-Careers not Working?

There are lots of rumours that the NUS might start to dis-allow new student applications from e-Careers because of all the press attention given to this loop hole. So I would recommend i) if it is still possible to apply using e-Careers DO IT NOW before it is removed or ii) if e-Careers is no longer a possibility then apply to a course at CityLit**, they have literally thousands of short part time courses and some only last one day.

**I do not want to place a link here so as to not alert the service provider and also get this additional loophole removed but you can find them very easily with a Google search.

Is The NUS Extra Card Worth it?

I personally have one and it has already paid for itself 10 times over. Let’s say you pay  £12 on Groupon for the e-careers course, and pay £13 for the NUS card (including £1 delivery), the total would be £25 (don’t forget to get an extra 5% cashback buy using TopCashBack.

However, I have already saved about £60 by getting a 50% with Spotify and this doesn’t even begin to cover all the discounts I get at places like the cinema, my hair salon and anywhere offering a “student discount”. Take a look at the extensive list below to try to work out how much you will save:


  • 20% Giraffe Restaurant Chain
  • 25% of £25 at Dominos Pizza
  • 20% Frankie and Benny’s
  • up to 50% off at 5,000 restaurants with the Gourmet Society add-on

Food & Supermarkets:

  • 10% off at The Co-op

Amusement Parks & Entertainment:

  • up to 40% off at Legoland
  • 25% off at Odeon cinemas
  • up to 54% off at Thorpe Park
  • up to 40% off at Sea Life
  • up to 42% off at Alton Towers
  • up to 53% off at Chessington


  • 10% off New look
  • 10% off Forever 21
  • 10% off Miss Selfridges
  • 10% off Aldo

Health and Fitness:

  • 20% off Vision Express
  • No joining fee with ‘The Gym’

 Beauty and Health:

  • 10% Superdrug


  • 50% off Spotify Premium (which currently saves me about £60 year)
  • 5% off at Amazon

This is only a small sample, there is a longer list of discounts available so check out the NUS website if you want to see the full and current list.

Note: Keep an eye on the small print. For instance, the discount at Odeon cinemas  is available Monday-Thursday only.

How ever you want to use the NUS extra card and for whatever reason you want to get one, please share this article to as many people as possible so that they can benefit from the savings.

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