Extreme Lengths To Save Money

Extreme Lengths To Save Money

The Extreme Lengths People Go To In Order To Save Money

A recent survey conducted with 1000 Americans revealed that people are going to extreme lengths to save money.

33% of the respondents of the study acknowledged only going to events because of the free food and drink on offer. While a third also admitted they would often turn down invitations solely because they would be obliged to bring a gifts or alcohol e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers etc.

One out of four people admitted that they re-used paper towels all in the name of saving money.  Others acknowledged stealing napkins after their meal in a restaurant and, surprisingly, napkins are more popular to steal than things like sugar or ketchup. As if that isn’t enough, many people admitted that they helped themselves to blankets and LIGHT BULBS (?!) from their hotel rooms.

33% of Americans unplug their home appliances to save money on utility bills.

Three in every ten acknowledged reviewing their weekly expenditure to ensure it stays within budget, while 4 in every 10 opted for second hand clothes.

Trying to go beyond the budget has caused conflicts in most homes, one in every four couples have had fights when one of them tried to save money.

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This trend is even more ruthless when it comes to looking for freebies in workplaces, hotels and restaurants. The most sought after freebie is a pen, while toiletries and condiments come in second and third place. When asked, people didn’t consider ‘picking up these items’ as stealing, to be precise about 25% would consider this not to be theft.

Sadly the survey also revealed some sobering and somewhat scary insights, for instance, it turns out that many people risk their lives driving cars they know have some kind of mechanical fault. Therefore not only risking their lives but the lives of others either because they don’t want to spend the extra money or because they simply can’t afford it.
It seems people are taking more extreme measures when it comes to saving money after working so hard to earn it in the first place.

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Items that are commonly stolen (in no particular order)


Paper / Notepads




Post-It Notes


Coffee (Sachets)

Toilet Roll

Condiments e.g. Ketchup

Cups (Paper and Plastic)


Binders / Folders




Light bulbs


Plastic Cutlery

Shower Curtains



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How do you save money? Do you think these penny-pinching ways are extreme or no big deal? Is it stealing if it’s something that’s free? Have you ever turned down an event because you were expected to bring gifts and didn’t want to? Share your experiences below.

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