Experts tell you how to live for free in 4 easy steps

Experts tell you how to live for free in 4 easy steps

Experts tell you how to live for free in 4 easy steps

A recent study shows that around two thirds (i.e. 60%) of British people who get a freebie or bargain say they feel “happy and cheerful” for the whole of that day. Deepak Tailor is the owner of and has also written a book called “How to live for free” and dishes the dirt on the easiest way to get the biggest discounts and freebies on almost everything you can imagine, from clothes to food and even travel.

1. Free clothes

Free Clothes - Swishing Parties

The average person spends a small fortune on clothes especially when they are on “sale” and you end up spending more money than you originally bargained for, however, there are ways to stop spending on clothes altogether. Now I should point out that this tip is perhaps more beneficial for women, but there is something called “swishing” and it could mean a cost free wardrobe. “Swishing” is a type of event where everyone brings unwanted clothes to swap and they are usually free to attend. Generally speaking the value of the clothing doesn’t come into it so a glamorous designer dress can be exchanged for a cheap skirt from Primark. There are some swish parties that require you to only bring high quality clothing but they tend to also attract a ticket price of around £12.50 although one way round this is to organise a swishing party with your friends.

2. Free taxi rides

Free Uber Ride - Free Taxis

It seems Uber has taken the taxi world by storm all because you can book a cab by app and if it’s your first time you can get a free ride! However, the best bit is that if you refer your friends to the app then you can build up your Uber credit and in theory never have to pay for your taxi again. Tailor says that he has around £2,000 of Uber app credit by first getting the free app, using it and then referring others.

> > > > Make your way to £2,000 worth of Uber credit with your own free ride by signing up to the app through this link.

Addison Lee Offer

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3. DIY health and beauty

 DIY health and beauty

Looking good costs a lot of money but it doesn’t have to because it is possible to make your very own custom made beauty treatments and save a ton of money in the process. For example, you can make your own exfoliation treatment by mixing honey with brown sugar and honey has been used for many centuries to soothe and heal the skin. If you’re looking for inspiration then take a look at Pinterest to discover some great, easy to do effective recipes, see this board for some examples.


4. Free tea, food and snacks

Free tea, food and snacks

There are so many ways to get free food, hot drinks and here are a few quick easy ones you can pick up today without spending ANYTHING upfront:

McDonald’s – You can frequently get free food and drinks by downloading the free McDonald’s app

Waitrose – You can get the myWaitrose card and this entitles you to claim a free regular cup of coffee or tea whenever you pop into a Waitrose store.

IKEA – IKEA is also another large superstore that offers a free card called the Ikea “Family Card” and getting this also means you’re entitled to a free cup of coffee or tea whenever  you go to an IKEA store between Monday to Friday. You will also get a bunch of other offers and freebies that are exclusive to Ikea Family Card holders.

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