The Cheapest SIM Only Plans

1 Month Rolling Contracts (Your Contract Only Lasts 30 days)

Network Minutes Texts Internet Network Speed Monthly Cost Special Offer Exclusive to
Freedompop Logo 200 200 200MB 3G 0.00 1000min, 1000texts, 1GB with this link*
Freedompop Logo 500 500 500MB 3G 4.99 1000min, 1000texts, 1GB with this link*
Giffgaff Logo 125 500 100MB 4G 5.00
Giffgaff Logo 250 Unlimited 500MB 4G 7.50
Freedompop Logo 1000 1000 1GB 3G 8.99
three logo 200 Unlimited 500MB 4G Data 11.00 £5 Guaranteed Cashback (with this link)
EE Logo 250 Unlimited 250MB 4G Data 12.99
three logo 600 Unlimited 1GB 4G Data 14.00 FREE 3 months Deezer
EE Logo 1000 Unlimited 1GB 4G Data 14.99
iD-logo 2000 5000 6GB 4G Data 15.00
O2 logo Unlimited Unlimited 10GB 4G Data 18.00


Changing networks? You might need to unlock your phone.

If your current mobile phone was provided as part of a pay monthly contract or on a Pay As You Go deal then there is a good chance that it’s locked to the mobile network that provided you with the phone / contract. This means that if you want to use the handset with a different network you will need to “unlock” your phone. You can ask your current to do this for you and some will do it at no charge. If there is a charge however, it should never cost more than £20 to unlock your phone.

If you are staying with the same network but only changing phones / package then you will not need to worry about unlocking your phone. Also note that customers on O2 can switch to Giffgaff without unlocking their phone because Giffgaff works on the O2 network (but at much lower prices).

Make sure you get the right SIM card.

SIM cards come in three different sizes ( Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM) and the exact one you need will depend on the model of your phone. When you get a SIM-only deal, you will need to specify which SIM card you want. If you are not sure which is the right SIM card for your handset please check this detailed guide. Alternatively, take the SIM out of your current phone and compare it to the images below:

The 3 Different SIM Card Sizes

If all else fails, ask the new network provider to send you a “multi SIM”, which means you can turn the multi in any one of the tree sizes buy breaking to fit as to what is needed.

You can keep the same phone number.

It is very easy to get a new SIM only plan from a new network and keep your current phone number. All you need to do us get a PAC Code from your current provider and your old number will be transfered to your new one in under 48 hours. Use our helpful PAC Code guide to help you get yours for free.