6 Gadgets That Will Actually Save You Money

6 Gadgets That Will Actually Save You Money

No doubt about it, I am a big fan of gadgets. I love little cool devices that are capable of doing awesome things, but I have a problem. I hate spending lots of my hard earned money on 1 item especially when you know it’s only going to go down in value and eventually break forcing you to replace or upgrade (this is actually in the business model of most tech companies like Apple and it’s called “planned obsolescence”). So what can I do about this? Simple, buy products that I know will save me money, eventually pay for itself and ideally fund your other purchases in the long run. The best type of products that save you money are energy efficient devices for obvious reasons but I won’t mention things like solar panels or fuel efficient cars because this is out of reach for most people. Instead I’ll mention easy to buy gadgets / products that anyone can get but are guaranteed to save you money in the long run.

  1. Filtered Water Bottle

Have you ever considered the amount of money you have spent on buying bottled water? I won’t lecture about how safe tap water is and tell you how it’s also the cheapest form of water available because I know there are people out there that either don’t believe it or just don’t like the taste. So the most cost efficient (not to mention environmentally friendly) way to solve this problem is to buy a water bottle that will both filter and purify your water. Thereby eliminating harmful substances that you worry about in tap water and also improve the taste at the same time. This item would have more than paid for itself within 3 months.

When will it pay for itself? 180 days if used daily.

BPA-Free 550 ML Eco friendly Filter Water BottleBrita Fill and Go Water Filter Bottle

  1. Smart Power Strips

This device allows you to plug in all your electrical devices and is best used around your home desktop computer where you need to plug in your CPU, monitor, speakers and printer etc. The smart power strip will automatically turn off the power when something is not being used and this also means it will stop phantom power drain when your appliances are on standby mode. This means you don’t have to constantly worry about switching off everything from the power source all the time, as this will do it for you. Things like televisions, computers and printers on standby are the biggest users of electricity in the average home so reducing their cost when on standby will save you a small fortune. Oh and one last thing, the one I have linked to below will also let you charge via USB!

When will it pay for itself? 60 days.

AC Plug Power Socket & USB Charging Station

  1. Blender

This might seem like a surprise item to add to a list of saving money gadgets but if used correctly, the humble blender will save you money. Use it for grinding coffee beans, herbs and spices, keep these food items in the freezer ready to use whenever you need. This especially comes in handy if you cook a lot at home but make sure you get a quality blender because the more you use it the more the blades will wear out and the quicker it will need to be replaced. However, the biggest money saver will be on things like smoothies. Buying smoothies at the supermarket costs an absolute fortune and buying them at places like coffee shops will cost even more. You also have the extra concern of not knowing exactly what the contents are, for instance, there are some reports that Innocent smoothies contain more natural sugars than you would get by drinking coke. So let see, you’re getting a way to improve your health, save money on buying smoothies, getting fresh herbs for every meal and of course use it for your day to day blending needs? A good quality blender is a must have for any serious money saver.

When will it pay for itself? 6-12 months.

NUTRiBULLET Pro 900 Series Extractor 15 Piece Set, 900 W - Champagne JR Ultra Touch 2 'Titan', Premium Commercial Health and Nutrition Blender, 2238 Watt, 2 Litre


  1. Battery Charger

Battery chargers and rechargeable batteries are pricey at the start but it will more than pay for it self if you have lots of items in your home that use batteries e.g. electric toothbrushes, remote controls etc. There are also some clever battery charges out there that protect your batteries from power surges thus ensuring the longevity of your battery. However, the biggest saving will be felt by people who have kids because they tend to have lots of battery powered toys.

When will it pay for itself? How many children do you have?

Energizer Pro Charge AA/AAA Battery Charger with 2000 mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries

  1. Efficient Shower Heads

It’s pretty obvious to most people that an efficient shower head has the potential to save you lots of money on your water bill each month but did you know by how much? The average family in the UK use around 15,000 gallons of water each year. Apart from drastically helping you cut down your water usage, it will also save you lots of money as a result of you not having to heat the extra water that you’re not using.

When will it pay for itself? Less than 3 months depending on your water usage before getting the shower heads.

Ohpa 30% Water Saving Showerhead Plus Ionic Filter Handheld Shower Head with 200 % Turbocharged Pressure and Energy Ball Filtration for Fixing Dry Skin & HairGrohe Power & Soul 27674000 Shower Head 160 with 4 Jet Modes

  1. Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Light bulbs that are designed with high-energy efficiency don’t only save you money but also give your home a nice aesthetic feel. Unlike most conventional incandescent bulbs, energy efficient bulbs like compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), halogen incandescent, and light emitting diodes (LED) can cut your expenditure on energy by as much as 25 to 80%. The sweetest part of this is that it will give you the same brightness as a regular non-efficient light bulb and will save you £70 over its lifetime.

When will it pay for itself? 2 months.

Ecozone Biobulb- Uses 75% Less Energy


I would love to hear your thoughts…

Which gadgets save you money? Are there any missing from this list? What gadgets can’t you live without? Which gadgets save you the most money and by how much?

Please share your experiences and / or comments below.

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