5 Ways That Mobile Phones Have Ruined Travel

5 Ways That Mobile Phones Have Ruined Travel

5 Ways That Mobile Phones Have Ruined Travel

We all have mobile phones and even the grumpiest person has to admit that technology has made our lives easier and more enjoyable in many ways. We tend to think of the humble mobile phone as a new device that has just surfaced but the truth is that mobile phones have been around for 70 years and the first ‘wire-free’ phone was launched in St Louis, Missouri on 17th June 1946 which is now almost 7 decades ago. Despite this, new smartphone devices, starting with the original iPhone (launched on June 29, 2007) now does everything, play music, films, take pictures and so on. However, it is possible to have too much of a good thing and mobile phones have also become very intrusive, particularly in places where they don’t belong like libraries, cinemas, but perhaps the biggest bug bear is how it affects our holidays. Here are 7 specific ways mobile phone have ruined travel…

1. You Can Never Switch Off

We all know the feeling. You are at the most breathtakingly beautiful place you have ever seen but can never fully enjoy the moment because you have succumbed to the temptation to film it, take a picture or even a cheeky selfie. The sad thing is that those pictures will never be as good as what you will see with your eyes… The pinks, reds and yellows are never quite as vibrant. The other example is when you miss out on the beautiful scene altogether because you have your head buried in your phone looking at the latest video of a celebrity falling over.

2. Dealing With Other People’s Problems

Having a mobile phone can mean you have someone to reassure you at the end of your fingertips but sadly, it also means you are constantly exposed to someone else’s concerns. For instance, have you ever been on a plane only to get messages from a friend telling you how much they are scared of planes and how dangerous flying is? Or you get a news update about some major incident that only adds a bunch of unnecessary concerns and problems to your brain, which is already overloaded with worries about an email you just received or Facebook update from your Ex.

3. The Selfie

The selfie has a lot to answer for. Have you ever been to somewhere amazing like Christ The Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro only to find that your view is blocked by a bunch of people taking selfies yet barely noticing the beauty of the place and missing out on the opportunity to marvel at the fabulous moments of engineering and creativity that must have gone into creating the landmark.

4. Never Getting Lost

There is nothing quite like the joys of getting lost and finding new places and experiencing new things through a series of happy accidents. However, when you have a reliable mobile phone with a fancy map and accurate GPS co-odinates, it stops you from making a number of wrong turns that could lead you to a tiny art gallery or little boutique cafe that isn’t in the guide books.

5. Enormous Bills

This is perhaps one of the most annoying ways mobile phones ruin travel. If you decide to check a few emails, look up a website or two and maybe reply a couple of texts then you will get back home to find that £395 has been deducted from your bank account by direct debit. Even if you think you’re smart by not using your phone at all, you might forget to turn off some apps running in the background and get charged anyway. Do you have a massive hissy fit? Do you protest? Or just end shrugging your shoulders muttering “data roaming, bloody European tariffs” under your breath.

With all this in mind was it really worth taking your phone with you?

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