5 Underrated Smartphones You Can Buy Today

5 Underrated Smartphones You Can Buy Today

5 of the Best Smartphones Few People Know About

I have already tested, analysed and reviewed the smartphones on the market to give you a count down of which mobile phones I think are the best of the best (read it here) but the market is full of worthy rivals. There are a number of smartphones that have as many features, look just as pretty and will last just as long as any of the top 5 phones on the market right now. But these also have the added bonus of being considerably cheaper and the lower price does not reflect poorer quality, in fact, far from it. These phones tend to be cheaper because they have not had as much publicity as their iPhone and Galaxy counterparts, even though they are just as good, and in some cases they might even be better! So if you are looking for a high quality yet slightly more affordable alternative to the big hitters on the market, then this list is for you. The best thing is that any of these phone can be bought today, unlocked and sim-free (which means you can use them on any network, with any sim card and no monthly contract).

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The OnePlus 2 is an affordable “flagship killer”. It looks just as good as any of the popular smartphones on the market. It has a slick build and a spec-list that matches the more expensive high-end smartphones, like the S6 and Samsung Galaxy. It’s not perfect though (hence, why it’s only no. 5 on this list). This phone is not easy to get hold of and it lacks NFC, which means you can’t use Android Pay.

But it costs about less than half of what you would expect to pay for an Apple iPhone and has many of the same features e.g. 5.5-inch 1080p screen, 13-megapixel rear camera, 5-megapixel front camera, 3300mAh battery, fingerprint sensor, up to 64GB storage. If you’re short on cash but still want to have access to all the high-spec features available today, this is the smartphone to get.

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Vodafone Smart Prime 6 Mobile Phone

Smart Prime 6 is a budget busting contender from Vodafone. For the cost of the average night out you will get a high spec Android 5.0 smartphone that has a generous a 5-inch HD display, 1GB of RAM, impressive battery life, quad-core processor, 720 x 1280 screen resolution, 2 megapixel front facing camera and 8 megapixel camera on the back with a flash.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that you have to be with Vodafone to get the Smart Prime 6 but, given it’s unbelievable low cost, it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed.
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OnePlus has quickly become one of the hottest smartphone manufacturers and this is primarily thanks to their consistent track record of making high quality handsets at unbelievably low-bottom prices. The OnePlus X smartphone is in line with this legacy.  With prices starting at £200 it is roughly £40 cheaper than the the company’s flagship mobile phone, OnePlus 2. This super value phone sets a new standard in the sub-£200 mobile phone category. It’s specification includes: 5.00-inch 1080×1920 display powered by 2.3GHz processor alongside 3GB RAM, 13-megapixel rear camera, AMOLED touchscreen and  hearty 8 MP front camera selfie-taker.

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