5 FREE Must Have Apps That Will Save You Money

5 FREE Must Have Apps That Will Save You Money

Yes, smartphones cost a bomb but if used correctly they can also be a powerful tool of saving money and very often at no extra cost. There are  literally thousands of apps that only exist to help you save money and I’ve done lots of testing to bring you the best  of the best. The following list includes everything from cashback, price comparison and apps that tell you if you’re getting the best value on the goods you’re about to buy.

1. mySupermarket

What is it good for? Supermarket and food shopping
| Cost? FREE | Phones: Android, iPhone

For your online or in-store food shopping, the mySupermarket app guarantees that the price you pay for any product on your shopping list is the lowest price obtainable. This app is very easy to use. It allows you to create a list of items you are interested in buying and then it will either tell you whether a certain supermarket has a promo offer on those items or give you information about other supermarkets that are selling them at the cheapest prices. If you can’t make a shopping list before going to the supermarket, this app allows you to scan a products barcode with your phone and then tells you if the product is available at a cheaper price in a different store.

2. CheckoutSmart

What is it good for? Getting cashback on your grocery shopping Cost? FREE | Phones: Android, iPhone

The CheckoutSmart app allows you to claim cashback on your purchases and reduce your shopping expenses. The app gives you an everyday list of products that you can get cashback  on as well as the participating supermarkets. You then have to visit the supermarket(s), pick up the items on offer and pay for them. Snap a photo of your receipt with the camera on your phone (full instructions in the app) and then submit through the app. Your cashback payment is credited to your app account, which you can later withdraw to your PayPal or bank account. Please note that any withdrawal under the amount of £19.99 will also incur a 5% fee.

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3. Idealo

What is it good for? Comparing prices
Cost? FREE | Phones: iPhone, Android

You know that horrible feeling when you buy a product in a shop or online and you later find out that you could have got it cheaper somewhere else? Well, next time you feel like buying anything on impulse, load up the Idealo app and either do a search for the item in the app’s search bar or scan the item’s barcode to find out if you can get it at a cheaper price from any other retailer before parting with your money.

4. Voucher Cloud

What is it good for? Finding discounts and coupon codes

| Cost? FREE | Phones: Blackberry, iPhone, Android

With the Voucher Cloud app, you can browse through or find out the top deals at restaurants in close proximity to your current location using the “near me” function. To get your discount, click the ‘Use Voucher’ button when your bill is presented to you or at checkout and it generates a code that you can show to the waiting staff.

5. Onavo Extend

What is it good for? Reducing data costs
| Cost? FREE | Phones: iPhone, Android

This app uses data compression to reduce the file size of the data you use. This means that you won’t use too much of your data allowance, that will save you a ton of money and stop you going over your data allowance if you download a lot of large files on your smartphone. According to the app developers, you’ll be saving 80% of your data plan when you use the Onavo Extend. Get more data bang for my buck? Don’t mind if I do.

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