5 Awesome Hacks To Get Discounts on Everything

5 Awesome Hacks To Get Discounts on Everything

If you’re reading this, chances are that you are the type of person the gets a great deal of satisfaction from saving money on the things you buy. Buying online is usually the first step in getting the best price; easier to compare prices, avoid parking costs / travel expenses, paying expensive retail prices etc. There are lots of tricks, tactics and life hacks to legally manipulate the online-world so that you can save even more of your hard earned money. By the end of this blog article you should feel more confident in your ability to get discounts (or save even more money  if you’re already a savvy shopper who is already pretty good at getting discounts!)

Online shopping has been a gift to serious money savers because it allows you to easily and quickly compare prices and find coupons, however, there are a few more clever tricks you can use to slash the cost of your shopping and here are 5 of the best:

1. Buy During Big Events

Of course everyone expects some sort of discount and sales offer on Bank holidays, big shopping events like Black Friday or the infamous Cyber Monday but there are other lesser known events to pop in your diary because they could save you a lot of money. For instance, did you know about the ‘Free Shipping Day’ on December 18th? About 1000 retailers (large and small alike) usually take part in this event and it’s a great way to get some last minute gifts in before Christmas.

2. Watch Out For Devious Pricing Strategies

Did you know that some online retailers use something called “dynamic pricing”? This means that the price of a product will change based on your purchasing and browsing habits. Amazon is one of the biggest culprits of this practice. The online retail juggernaut determines the price you see based on the type of price you have paid before.

What to do? Check the prices while you’re not logged into the account and clear your browser history and cookies on a regular basis to make surer you are not being over-charged through dynamic pricing.

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3. Leave Products in Your Shopping Cart

Have you experienced a situation where you put an item in the shopping cart and then for whatever reason decide not to complete the purchase only to get an email enticing you back with a lovely discount code or special offer?

I have personal experience of this when shopping online with Urban Outfitters, I placed an item in the shopping cart but didn’t complete the transaction in late October only to get an email in mid-November with the subject line “Did You Forget Something?” Inside the email was a offer for free postage and package if I bought the item. Conclusion? If you want to buy something and are not in a rush to get it, place it in your shopping cart for as long as you can.

4. Like Them On Facebook And Follow Them On Twitter etc.

One clever way to get extra discounts is to exploit social media, brands are desperate for people to like, share and follow their content and if you do this, there is a good chance you will be rewarded. For instance, there are many brands that produce “fan-only” or “followers-only” discount codes. Also, by becoming a fan, you will receive information about competitions and special offers. One final tip? Ask them for a discount on social media. I have done this before and have often had a good response especially as if I have liked their social media profile beforehand.

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5. Hoard Promo Codes And Special Offers (With A Disposable Email Of Course)

There are plenty of online retailers that have deals and coupons for their subscribers. It is somewhat awkward to get access to these but the best way seems to be to sign up using multiple ‘throwaway email’ accounts. This is especially important if you get a one-time only use code, for instance, I was able to get a discount offer from H&M for signing up to their newsletter so I signed up from different email accounts when I had something else to buy from the store.

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