10 Legal Ways To Rip Off Your Phone Company

10 Legal Ways To Rip Off Your Phone Company


…Save Money in 10 Easy Steps!

by Li George

1. Do you need a contract?

   Number 1 We know it seems like everyone is on a mobile contract these days, but before you dive right in and get an all singing and all dancing tariff take a step back and think if you actually need it. You can get some great deals on free texts if you top up a specified amount a month, and with free WiFi now pretty much everywhere, you may find it’s cheaper to just top up as you go.


2. Don’t just go for the cheapest deal

 Number 2 It can be tempting to just pick the cheapest package and have done with it – what could possibly go wrong? Well, charges of up to 60p a minute if you go over. Ouch. Again, it’s really important to look at how many texts, minutes and data you actually use so you get the right package.


3. Don’t Forget Data Allowances

Number 3 Any application that connects to the internet via your mobile will use up mobile internet data (unless you’re on WiFi). How much data is enough? Casual users should find 500MB more than adequate for their needs, however if you plan on streaming content or watching mobile TV. Go for an unlimited mobile internet deal, it will save you a lot in the long run and you will avoid the occasional ‘bill shock’.


4. Check the contract length

Number 4 Most networks will offer you the choice of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months contracts, with the prices getting lower the more of your life you sign away and rolling month by month contract offerings tend to cost slightly more. It’s all about striking a balance; while cheaper is obviously more appealing, you don’t want to be tied in forever incase your circumstances change.


5. Get a separate phone for holidays

 Number 5 If you regularly take your handset abroad, beware that ‘roaming’ (that’s using your phone abroad) can cost much more than your usual tariff. While the EU have introduced new laws to make charges abroad less costly, it’s unlikely that minutes used abroad will be included in your allowances, so your best bet is to buy a local phone and that way you wont get a ‘bill shock’ on return.


6. Get mobile insurance (but read the small print)

 Number 6 When you’re carrying a £700 mobile phone everywhere you go, it’s reassuring to know that if anything untoward happened to it, you could replace it free of charge. Mobile phone insurance has grown in popularity for exactly this reason, however not all insurance is created equal. First, check whether your phone is covered under your house or contents insurance. If not, sign up to a monthly plan with a specialist gadget insurer.


7. Ask for a better price or leave (if out of contract).

Number 7 If you already have a phone on contract and your term is coming to an end, it’s likely you would have received a call from your operator offering you an ‘upgrade’ to a new phone.  In most cases however, it’s the new customers that benefit from the best deals, so it’s worth looking around or doing some bad-ass haggling with your current network.


8. Look for deals online

 Number 8 Whilst it’s always nice to touch and feel your shiny new handset before you buy it, if you’ve ever been into any mobile phone shop on the high street it’s likely that you’ve been preyed upon by commission hungry sales staff. Shopping online can relieve you of any pressure to make quick (and sometimes wrong) decisions. Some good handset only deals can be found here on Amazon, which allows you to get a cheap SIM-only deal appropriate for your mobile phone usage. Do this and you’ve just beaten the price of anything you can get in store.

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9. The bigger networks are not always the cheapest.

 Number 9 The mobile phone sector is full of big players, but don’t be afraid to step outside of this. Many of the newer and smaller networks (e.g. Life mobile) offer much cheaper deals because they are desperate for new users. They are willing to make a loss to recruit new customers and build their brand.


10. Consider SIM-only deals

 Number 10 In the long run, it is almost always cheaper to buy a phone unlocked and SIM free. SIM-only deals are always cheaper then a contract that includes a phone. When you buy a phone on contract, you end up paying 2-3 times the actual cost of the phone and even more if you regularly go over your allowance. If you want to save money, SIM-only deals are the only way to go.

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